Friday, December 1, 2017


Sometimes they clamber buildings
Or they trail behind in yearnings,
Other times they linger on buses
Carried away in silent clauses.

You see them leaving forgotten
Dissolved by time,
And others begotten
Hoping to return
In a memory game
Hopeless, but relentless,
A gathering of the being
As once wished upon a moonbeam
The numberless stars always a beacon
Of their essence, lost garden of Eden.

Monday, November 6, 2017


I've wandered through the archaeology
Of our past etchings
To hear the humming
Of the old
I've patched a moonbeam
Settled in the cradle of my palm
As the moon stabbed the sky
Feeble vestige of our light
Melted in the mist
Of a singular gaze

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


They fall lighter than air
Nimble and radiant
Graceful and fragrant
Swaddled in light
Covered in might.
They swirl silkily
A wingless flutter
A voiceless mutter

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Sauntering notes,
Undulating gracefully
Speaking unbeknownst to them
Height to height,
In a circle,
In a hurry
With a sensible might.
Tangible carving
Of a heart print
Etched in blacks and whites

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Sifted memories,
Smithereens scattered
In the tangle of time,
Bathing in a droplet
of nostalgia
Of a lost paradise,
Absent, but retraceable
In the glow of innocence.
A vastness of pinks and blues
Washed up
on the tacit
Shore of consciousness
In the high tide
Of reason and feeling.

Friday, May 19, 2017

This Is Not a Poem

Liquefied silk,
Molten in ribbons,
Adorning the beating,
Wrapping the inconsolable,
A spark in the dark,
A comet missing its mark,
Fractals of light,
Beaming sight,
A fragrant petal
Under the world's plight,
The slumbering unspoken
Alive, but just a token
Of a spectrum unawakened.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

On Game of Thrones/A Clash of Kings

While HBO and aggressive DVD releases make it increasingly difficult to refrain from the temptation of watching the motion picture, I am sitting sternly on the trenches of paper and ink as I welcome the story of the Iron Throne into my reading history. I couldn't help but completely favor the Starks from the beginning. Their honor, pledge to truth and valor reminisce of values treasured since the olden days. I must say that the brutal turn of events of the first volume kept my interest for the second one barely alive, but I was captivated nonetheless. The prose is dense, with a myriad of intricacies covering several houses of the Westeros. The tale speaks of games of power, webs of treason and innumerable murders that color the story to say, at least. 

With Eddard Stark, you suffer an untimely death only to later learn how to avenge such injustice by catching the Imp and having justice follow its course. Slippery as he is, Tyrion finds a way out of the clutches of the Starks justice. His cunning ways captured my sympathy in the first book, but on a personal level I believe I'm allowed some feeling of ambivalence towards his character. His physical limitations impose themselves early on, which he obviously attempts to overcome by ruse, polished language and the occasional retort to his high-born origins. He is definitely a round character that hasn't ceased to amaze me even by the second book. His unpredictability makes him unique but also draws a line of fickle future allegiances. He seems to be capable of turning even against his own family if it would suit him. The rest of the Lannister House paints an even bleaker picture with concealed stories of incest, betrayal and royal meddling. Queen's Cersei's evil ways are a perfect match to Joffrey's foul temper as he hangs on to his betrothed of the Stark House. Young love soon turns into nightmarish captivity for the girl whose notion of knightly love is prematurely shattered before childhood leaves her. Her sister, on the other hand, took to more non-romantic interests which eventually helped her escape her captivity in King's Landing. She is one of my favorite characters whose grit and desire to overcome her condition is more than admirable. Arya Stark has an Amazonian quality about herself that she cultivates despite the prejudices set against women at that time. She makes it through a terrible journey with criminals and other low-borns only to end up a captive of the Lannisters again. However, they would not be graced by her presence for very long as she finds her way out of that cage as well. 

Image source: Game of Thrones
In his father's absence, Robb takes over command of Winterfell. Tension is diffused once he faces the Lannister force in combat and manages a well-coveted victory. He faces a terrible internal turmoil as he tries to balance out the remnant of his boyhood and the challenges of mature leadership. He slowly casts aside his mother's influence as a result of this process. At that point, Lady Catelyn perceives her son's attitude as a rejection piling up on top of her husband's death. Her stoicism in face of such challenges is quite commendable. 

Since all roads somehow lead to the Iron Throne or begin with the infamous seat, Daenaerys Targaryen is no exception to that fate. The now contender to the same throne, she gets accustomed to the taste of exile since an early age; later on, a forced marriage propels her into a precipitated coming of age that changes her destiny dramatically. The death of her "moon and stars" is yet the beginning of her new identity as mother of dragons that she brings to life through fire. It's a prophetic moment that strengthens her belief that a return to her rightful place is imminent. The manner in which such ideal will be accomplished is yet to be revealed in this stage. 

Outside of the royal spotlight lies the Night's Watch. A curiously garrison-style settlement that no only guards the realm against potential invaders, but it also separates the land of the folk from the land of forgotten creatures, magic and long-forgotten magic. Our valiant Jon Snow gets a taste of initially unwelcome adventure that he eventually accepts to turn it into a story of outcomes yet to bloom. His symbiotic relationship with Ghost sets him apart from any brother of the Watch. It is this very layer of protection that shields him from numerous encounters with death and unsavory friendships.